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The Call of the Big SHE

SHE is calling from beyond the illusion of space and time. From beyond the superficial business of the physical world, from beyond the illusion of pain and loss and suffering. SHE is calling you home. For centuries SHE has been dormant, half asleep, half-forgotten,...

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The Love that heals

I hate to admit it, but my creative juices always flow more freely when my heart is broken. My compassion and feeling awareness flourish, and I’m more inclined to be honest with my self in the healing phase. Insights and understanding that are valuable both to my work...

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The Power of Pleasure

Do you deprive yourself of pleasure? Do you think that after pleasure, pain must follow? That there is such a thing as “guilty pleasure”? If you do, you are not alone. Most of us treat pleasure as something that should only be allowed in very small doses. Something...

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Braking the consensus of being a victim

A couple of nights ago I was present in a circle of women here in Oslo. The theme of this gathering was The Power of Visualization, and it was lead by a beautiful young woman who told her story about how she went from being paralyzed in one side of her body to, not...

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