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Bending the rules

-Are you always playing it by the rules? Wanna try something different…? Most of our beliefs about life, our religious beliefs, our conditioned mind, and the different lifestyles we choose to define ourselves contain limitations. That is why we are never truly happy...

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Soul Sex

Something to explore in times of hardship. A lot of people misunderstand when I tell them what I do. I sometimes even have people try to call me in the middle of the night or men calling wanting me to listen to them masturbate. And it’s okay, I don’t judge, but I...

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Defence is the first act of war

Why the meek shall inherit the earth and what the ego stands to learn. In defenselessness, my safety lies are one of the hardest lessons the ego has to learn because it goes straight to the contrary of the egos "nature" that states that attack is the best defense and...

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What reality do you choose?

Do you know that you live in two different realities? And do you know why? Most people know that things seem to change according to your moods. When you are feeling good, the world seems to shine and everything is rocki’n. Everything goes your way and you feel on top...

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It’s a new dawn – Awaken and shine!

Dearest one, this is a new dawn and I invite you to step up and join the light! One of my absolute favorite quotes, which I have resited many, many times before in my blog or on social media, is Marianne Williamson’s “Our deepest fears is not that we are inadequate....

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Beautiful people catch all the breaks!

You know, all people are beautiful people, and the beautiful people that know they are beautiful but don’t pay much attention to “outer beauty,” which is a myth anyway, are confident people. Confident people know that in the end “outer beauty” does not mean a f*ing...

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The Shame of Being Abused

This blog post is the most challenging one I’ve ever written, mostly because it is highly personal and because it addresses a subject that I work within many of my clients. People who suffer abuse can feel so guilty that they never seek help, they feel shameful for...

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My highest wish is World Peace

How far are you willing to go for peace? Are you willing to take to the streets and march in protest? Are you willing to fight for your rights or the rights of the underprivileged? Are you willing to stand up for what you think is right and let the world know where...

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It’s a fish’s life!

The opening phrase of A Course in Miracles states, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God” So simple, but yet so difficult to grasp sometimes. What does it mean? For real? What does it mean? What is real and what is unreal...

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Awakening the dead

When we experience trauma in our lives, a part of us shuts down and die. The movement of strong emotions (energy in motion) in the physical and emotional body is so scary, and painful that our nervous systems can’t handle it, and we go into freeze mode. We detach from...

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