Holistic Sexology BodyWork

Proffessional training

Becoming a trained professional Holistic Sexology BodyWorker

Holistic Sexology BodyWork professional training is an in-depth educational program for people who are already trained professionals in the field of massage, healing, psychology, trauma therapy, gestalt or other holistic therapy forms.

The aim of the training is to educate you on the issues people face around sexuality so that you, as a professional, can guide them to deeper contact with their healthy sexual core. This training builds on ancient tantra teachings as well as the latest research in behavioral science and how our nervous system is affected through our sexual practice. You will learn how to work with sexual energy to help people open up to a deeper healing path and how to use the physical body as a tool for taking the awakening to a deeper level. 

The awakening of human consciousness happens in three centers: the mind, the heart, and the sexual center. Holistic Sexology BodyWork deals primarily with the 3rd center of awakening, the sex center, but it also affects the awakening of the mind and the heart as it aids in readjusting imbalances in the two other centers of awakening. When an individual is grounded in the 3rd center of awakening, they become grounded, clear and balanced, and feel at home in their physical body.

In this training, you will learn simple, yet powerful tools on how to awaken your 3rd center. The training builds on meditational practices, working with the energy field and balancing in the energy body and hands-on trigger point practices. You learn how to decode peoples sexual imbalances and guide them to a healthy understanding that can help them become more balanced and free in expression of both their sexuality and life experience.

This training is perfect for the practitioner who wants to go deep and understand the nature of sexuality and the role it plays in the human experience. You don’t need to offer hands-on sessions to do this training, but as you learn about the value it holds for the maturing of the individual, you may choose to do so. You need to be a trained professional or experienced tantric yogi to participate this training so that you can integrate it with your current practices and offer your clients the very best treatment to help them become more whole.

Three weekend intensives

Weekend 1: The energy body and the outer physical body

The first weekend intensive is dedicated to learning how to read the signals of the energy body and release the blockages in the outer physical body. You learn how to use your intuition as a tool to guide the client deeper and trust the signals you are receiving in the session.

Weekend 2: Genital de-armouring and emotinal release

The second weekend intensive we go deeper and work with releasing tension and awakening the genital area. You will learn how to work with sexual energy and how to release shame and sexual trauma in a safe and healthy way

Weekend 3: Certification Weekend

The third weekend is dedicated to the practical exam and working on deepening in the curriculum from the previous weekend. The student will be required to finish at least 15 training session with clients during the time scope of the training and undergo a practical examination with Ingunn Tennbakk before receiving a diploma as a Certified Holistic Sexology BodyWorke


This training requires previous experience as a massage therapist, sexologist, bodyworker or other therapeutic educations or have undergone extensive training as a tantric practitioner.  Please register for the training by filling in this application form.

Practical Information

The weekend intensives are held at the beautifully situated Tyrifjorden Lakeside Cottage near Vik, 3530 Røyse, Norway – about 1 h drive outside Oslo.

Cost for each weekend intensive is set to 6000 NOK payable in up to three payments, or 17 000 NOK paid in one lump sum. The fee includes tuition, board, and lodging for the weekend intensives

Please check https://www.facebook.com/events/360766551316054/ for more information or e-mail the organizer:  victoria.dahr@gmail.com.

Upcoming dates: 
Currently under planning. Pleas use the contact schema below to contact us for more information about this training.

BodyWork By Ingunn Tennbakk

I started my professional training as a healer more than 10 years ago at the Agape Institute in Oslo where I undertook a three-year journey of self-development and opening the communication to my higher self and my healing/shamanic abilities. After dedicating my self to energy work for three full years, I felt a strong calling towards working with the physical body and sexuality.
For the next 6 years, I studied and worked with The New Tantra where I was certified as tantric bodyworker and served as bodyworker, organizer and assistant on more than 30 retreats including three level 8; Healer/Teacher training. During this period I also educated my self in different tools of cognitive training, psychology and trauma release therapy. I underwent primal intensive and learned how to freely express emotions and hold the space for others to do the same.
During these years I also built a client base in Oslo and at the end of 2016, I split off from The New Tantra to build my own professional business. By integrating the tools of energy work (Agape institute) with the tools of sexuality and shamanic work (The New Tantra), Holistic Sexology Bodywork was born together with my upcoming book Awaken your Big SHE, a spiritual and sexual awakening guide (co-authored by Nadja Eriksson).

The strength of my journey and of Holistic Sexology bodywork is that it builds from real life experience and the reliance on the knowledge that resides inside all of us. The sexual evolution of mankind is naturally going in the direction of an awakening in the 3rd center. As a Holistic Sexology BodyWorker Professional, I’m here to help and serve those who are ready for this opening and those who are ready to guide others in the awakening.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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