• Why the meek shall inherit the earth and what the ego stands to learn.

In defenselessness, my safety lies are one of the hardest lessons the ego has to learn because it goes straight to the contrary of the egos “nature” that states that attack is the best defense and unless you defend your self, your honor, your village, your virtue, your home, you will die. The mantra of the ego is death and vengeance shall come upon you, but it does not show this ugly face to you. It shows itself as your best friend, the one that will save you from a cruel and wicked world. You feel yourself all alone against the world, not trusting anyone, not letting anyone in, keeping a distance, keeping distracting yourself with the new shiny toy or the latest conquest. Seek and do not find is its message, and it will have you seeking in circles and exhausting all your resources before it lets you go at the death of your body. Not because it wants too, but because it has to. The ego does not exist outside your body, and when your body takes its last breath, you will feel the sweet relief of the all resistance letting go and reemerge into that pure positive state that is you.

People sometimes think I’m crazy when I talk about unconditional love. Most people have never experienced love without conditions. Ever since you came into this body, your ego has been programmed to seek satisfaction from the outside, through being a good kid to your mother or being the best at sports, at arts at whatever you do. Always striving for perfection and thinking that love and success can only be achieved out of striving for excellence in a world of competition where there is not enough for everyone, and unless you are willing to steal and violate, you will not have enough for you. The ego gives to get, and it does not understand the Soul that never violates or pushes itself onto anything. It mistakenly sees the Soul as weak, and laugh at Soulful beings because it thinks that it can outsmart and steal from them in its attempt to make itself more significant, but in truth, the ego is no match for the Soul and that is why there is no need for the Soul to defend itself from something so harmless. The ego thinks that unconditional love is weak because it thinks that it means that everything can be stolen from the one without defenses, but the one without guards knows that he is the source of everything at that there is nothing to take.

The Soul inhabits the one quality that the ego can never possess and that makes the ego crazy, it inhabits eternal life and it knows that every relationship is forever. It looks upon the ego part of our mind and regard it as an ignorant child in the process of learning, it sees the small or large fit’s it throws when it feels violated and feel the need to either attack or defend itself as just a way learning, much like small children fall over when they are learning to walk. Sure, it hurts when a child falls over when learning to walk or bike, but the adults do not try to stop the child from learning to walk for that reason. You pick up the child and shoot and encourage it to try again, and you watch it guardingly without interrupting too much. You let it have its room to try and fail because you know that as time goes by the child will learn how to walk, to run and jump and play. It is a natural process and so is you outgrowing your ego and thinking that there is a need to attack the world that actually feeds you.

But, even so, isn’t it time to awaken a little from the slumber of nightmares where you look at the world as something that attacks? Are we not at the stage of development where we could open our eyes just a little bit more and be honest with what we are doing to ourselves and each other? Isn’t it time to take responsibility for the world that we are creating? When was the last time you asked your self, are my actions in alignment with who I am or am I treating the world as my playground as I harbor attack thoughts and sneak around in the shadows projecting all the shit onto my brothers and sisters, pretending it is not my fault? Causing unnecessary pain for my self and others that I encounter as I let the ego run wild with its childish tantrums.

It is not until you are at a level of development where you are willing to look at your self that you will ever be contented in this world. You may think you are because you got the job, the girl, the car, the house, but deep inside there is that voice that never really lets you enjoy any of it. You turn up the speed and find another excuse for not slowing down and not taking into consideration the consequences of your actions. You find your causes and you convince your self that YOU are good because you have morals and values and virtue, while your (shadow) enemies are unvirtues, deceptive, seductress and deceitful. You believe your self to be better than them, all the way while you want what the Soul got and you can’t help but be attracted to it. You may take vacations with the Soul, doing a sabbath, going to church to ease your guilt or making a yoga, tantra or other spiritual retreats where you have the occasional feeling of release, but unless you commit to an ongoing daily spiritual practice (of your choosing) you will only have temporary effect and you will believe that there is a split between the physical and spiritual world and that in the physical world you still need to defend your self.

On top of that many religious directions, in fact, the biggest ones are the worse (Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam and so on) have been highjacked by the ego. At the core of every major religion, you find the same message, God is love, but over the years fear and the need to control the minds of others have infiltrated with its poisonous morality and its condemnation on the human part. Condemning homosexuality, sex outside marriage, promiscuity, dancing and other natural expressions of human emotions putting a lid on the Soul and therefore making the ego more “dangerous” than it really is. Suppression of natural expressions is what breeds invasions of all kinds, clearly portrayed in the way the Catholic church, unfortunately, has come to be known as a breeding ground for assault against minors. It goes to show that love and fear can not co-exist and where fear takes over only misery prevails.

Breaking free from the religious ego is one of the hardest processes because it proclaims that God will punish you. It tells you that if you follow love and follow your heart and the truly good nature that you are you will be forever condemned, while all it does is to condemn you in this lifetime to a life of deprivation.

That which is all-encompassing can not exclude anything; therefore God is in all. This may sound contradictory since I have just talked about the way that the Catholic church, unfortunately, has been known for some of its authorities intrusions upon innocent children, which truly should be punished and so it shall in the physical realm, but in the realm of the Soul it does not exist and therefore the case is totally dismissed by the higher quarts (divine forgiveness). Without true forgiveness, there can be no real change and the punishment just goes to strengthen the egos violation; that is why both the perpetrator and the victim must be seen as in need of help and unconditional love. If this is not clearly understood there can be no resolution to the problem, and incarceration, hate, and vengeance will keep breeding.

Let me explain. The Ego is an illusion. All the attack only exists inside the mind of the creator, you and me collectively. The ego sees itself as being the body, surrounded by other bodies that it is separate from, and therefore only the body can attack and be attacked. The Soul, which is truly who you are, knows that it is not the body and therefore it cannot be attacked, and while the egos illusionary pain may seem very real to you, to the Soul it does no harm. The Soul knows it’s eternal beingness so well, and that love always wins out because it is the stuff that the universe is made of, that it is not bothered by the minor discretions of the ego.

You may feel upset from reading this, and that is understandable because it is a bit of a blow to the ego and the ego will use any reason to get upset and start a war. But if instead of taking the default rout of defense,   pause, close your eyes and take a few breaths and ask your self: In what kind of world do I want to live? Do I want to live in a world where I and everyone around me are at constant war with each other, where we fight over resources, run away from love whatever chance we get and keep acting like immature children? Or do I  prefer to live in a world where there is peace, friendliness, unconditional love, and understanding of the nature of our mind? Where can be free to be who we really are and where things align to the higher good so that everyone can see the innocence inside themselves and don’t have to try to steal it from our children. A world where we express our natural sexuality for love, where we use the body as a vessel for God’s love and we allow it to give and to receive with open relaxation all that is given to us. Where there is no need for jealousy, rage, hatred, and attack. The choice is ours in every moment because when we change our mind everything changes.

Don’t fool yourself to believe that you did not create the world you live in just because it is not to your liking, that there is someone outside of you that is to blame. Connect with your Soul, your wisdom and your true nature and learn how to extend the unconditional love to all your creations so that the world, your world can finally be at peace.

“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” The ones that do not attack, the ones who are without defenses because they know that in the real world there is no need for defense.

You can live a lifetime never allowing yourself to understand this or you can get on the Soul train now and start the process of freeing your world from the grip of the ego. There are plenty of teachers that will help you to get the hang of this and have you on your way to greater freedom; I’m just one of them. And if what you read here inspired you and you want to explore more you are welcome to contact me. I offer both online and IRL coaching and sessions.

Sencarly by Soul,

Ingunn Tennbakk