Do you know that you live in two different realities? And do you know why?

Most people know that things seem to change according to your moods. When you are feeling good, the world seems to shine and everything is rocki’n. Everything goes your way and you feel on top of the world. Then suddenly, you receive an unexpected bill or your ex-wife calls and boom! You plummet! Suddenly the world seems dull and gray, you trip and fall, you stump your toe or crash your car. You have literally changed reality and you are not even aware of it, because it is so automatic to you.

For most people changing from one reality to another is just life as it is. Something good happens to you and you feel good, something bad happens to you and you feel bad. What you don’t realize is that it is actually the other way around. You feel good and something good happens to you, you feel bad and something “bad” happens to you. The common denominator is you and the way you think. You are a creator by default instead of a deliberate creator.

By now, you may be feeling a bit annoyed with reading this, especially if you are not used to thinking along these lines because it is not the conventional thinking of the world. If you are narrow-minded or you have never heard of The Law of Attraction, you may have worked your brain into a knot. Don’t worry; we will untie the knot and have you understand why reading this piece of writing may be an excellent idea. You may come to understand things that can change your life and set you on a whole new path of thinking and experiencing.

Let me first introduce you to the two versions of you. I choose to call it your Soul and your ego for simplicity, but I urge you not to put any prior definitions upon these two aspects of you but read on without placing too much meaning into the wording. You could say it indicates two different ways of thinking and understanding the world.

The ego lives in a world of things and perceptions. It survives, by comparison, competition, and scarcity thinking. It is undeniably tied to the physical body and have you thinking along the lines of materialism. It loves stuff and it tells you that you are separate from the rest of the world and that you have to fight to have enough stuff and to survive. It lives by the popular belief that our primary goal is the survival of the species, and it convinces you that you are a fragile being in a body that will wither and die. It talks to all your insecurities and is, for sure the one who has you live in a world of attack where you can find no love.

It will not tell you this directly. It will tell you that if you listen to it, you will find love, but in the end, it only leads to heartake, broken relationships or living in a vacuum of a relationship with another physical body next to you but no real communication. Since the ego’s goal is separation, it can not communicate. It will have you sit on the couch next to your loved ones looking at different screens and thinking that it is better to be two bodies next to each other than facing being alone. The ego will have you feel more lonely in a crowd or an “intimate relationship” than when you are on your own. This is why most “intimate” relationships turn out; hench 50% gets divorced. And we don’t know what to do about it, other than sub come to being in a stalled relationship or find a new body that we are satisfied with for a little while before we end up experiencing precisely the same over again. As long as you listen and believe the ego, the result will always be the same, lack of communication, loneliness and death, because that is the goal of the world of the ego.

That was the bad news, and unfortunately, the ego thinking is the most popular on the planet right now. But there is good news and slowly but surely things are changing, mostly because we have no choice if we are going actually to survive as a speaces. Funny, come to think of it, that the ego’s goal, the survival of the species is exactly what it will deprive us of if we follow it’s deranged thinking

Meet Soul. Soul is the core part of you and the part that knows that you are not here for the survival of your species. Yes, of course, Soul loves our spaces but it does not confuse the body with who you really are. It knows you intimately because it is you. It is the voice in the back of your mind that is reminding you that life is way more than stuff and you did not come for survival but expansion. You came to express who you really are and it is time for you to break free and get on with it; after all, you are a unique and beautiful eternal being! You are a Soul on a soul journey, connected to a universe of abundance where you can create exactly what you want to live, and that is what you came to this reality for.

The reason why most people disregard their souls calling is that its words are so lofty and you are not used to thinking of your self in that way. It is hard for a being that has been trained on smallness to think the thought that you are the creator of your own reality when you have been trained to think of your self as sinful and worthless. Now you may be thinking; I don’t think of myself as sinful and worthless! But beware, it’s another trick of the ego. We all do. If you don’t think of your self that way, you are sure to think of others that way somehow. To judge “them,” whoever they are for you, your neighbor, your ex, religious groups, someone who hurt you years ago and so on. I’m sad to say that this is all the ego projections my friend. Your ego finds others to blame for your pain, and then it finds the evidence to back up why it is “their” fault and not yours that you are suffering! Sure, “they” may have done that thing to you all those years ago, or “they” may be doing it to someone else right now, but look at it: How many times have you been repeating the “wrongdoing” in your mind after “they” stopped doing it to you? How many times have you played the movie over and over again, visiting those painful emotions? Have you been seeking revenge? Talked to others of how they did you wrong, or how “women” or “men” always treat you like that! How many times have you failed to look in the mirror and ask yourself the simple question, why is this happening to me and really wanted to know the answer?

Very few people do ask this question and really listen. If you did, the first answer you would get is the egos blame. The ego talks first and loudest. It trespasses and tires overshadowing your Soul so it can keep you in your prison of solitude. The soul speaks in a gentler voice, but it is way more powerful. More powerful than you can imagine. The ego want’s to deprive the Soul of its power. It wants to be the Soul and live forever, but it can’t, being tied to the body as it is,  so instead, it screams and overpower the voice of the Soul. The ego is the thing that put’s the “fear of God” in you. To your Soul, this is preposterous! The Souls knows that God is only love, and should you ever find out, you would turn your back to the ego in a heartbeat. When you choose it, your Soul will undo your ego, not by overpowering it and wrestling it to the ground but by slowly but surely loving it to death.

When you become aware, and you understand that there is something else than the tiering ways of the ego and you have a taste of your Soul, there is no turning back. You will forever long for the freedom of your Soul and that is also what you are supposed to do.

The reason why the travel from an ego-based reality to a Soul based reality is so difficult is that the ego intrudes on the Souls territory, while the Soul never intrudes on the ego. You may think that this is a raw deal, seaming that the Soul has so much more to offer, but think about it if the Soul intruded it would be no better than the ego. It would be another mechanism louring and tapping you, and that is not the way of the Soul. The way of the Soul is the gentle way, the loving way.

While the ego will trap you and have you act out in unloving ways, and then blame you for your actions, your Soul will never trespass. Its call is soft but strong. Its voice is clear and calm, but it starts in a whisper and becomes stronger the more you listen. It always tells you the right answer, but it never forces its reality upon you. It leaves you with the power of choice, the free will to choose it’s teaching of love or the ego’s teaching of separation. But no matter how many times you choose the ego’s way the Soul never leaves you, and it always holds your best interest at hand until the day that you return to it. That may not be until the day you of your transition (what most people want to call death), but even so, it never blames you for your choices and only loves eternally.

Ego leaves you no choice. It always chooses separation, lovelessness and death. It will have you stump your toe and hit your head over and over again until the day you die, always leaving you unsatisfied no matter how hard you try. It is tied to the body, and you can live it all your life if you want to. The choice is truly yours.

Or you can turn to Soul for real, while still in this body, and choose love without blame. You can take 100% responsibility for your life experience now. Stop the game of projections and start watching what your powerful, powerful mind is creating. Are you creating pain and suffering by the ego or are you extending the love of Soul? What world do you choose? The world of death and decay or the eternal life of the Soul? The choice is yours in every moment.

Sincerely by Soul,

Ingunn Tennbakk