SHE is calling from beyond the illusion of space and time. From beyond the superficial business of the physical world, from beyond the illusion of pain and loss and suffering.

SHE is calling you home.

For centuries SHE has been dormant, half asleep, half-forgotten, betrayed and broken by a world where her light shone too bright and her wisdom sparked to much pain in the lies her cutting edge truth evoked. But her power cannot be held down; her strength cannot be tamed; her voice cannot be muffled anymore.

Her broken heart is healing; her broken body rises once more to meet the world. Her power reaches far beyond the illusion of the hardened strength of the world because SHE is made of love and softness far stronger than any weapon of mass destruction can overcome.

SHE has been beaten and broken, raped, burned, and drowned. The world has molested her body and her genitals. It has tormented her childbirth and prosecuted her children and has never ever understood her love and her genitals.

SHE has been lead to believe that SHE is a danger to the world, that SHE is the sinful temptress that is the cause of the fall from Grace. That SHE is the one to blame for all the evil in the world and the one reason for the banishment from the Garden of Eden. SHE is to blame!

And yet, SHE stands before you in all her glory. SHE no longer bows her head, but hold it high in triumph for her love is stronger than any attack the egoic world has sent her way to try to bury her with guilt and blame. SHE stands before you, heart wide open with her wet pussy and her vibrating womb, knowing that no evil can reach her. Knowing her holy origin and knowing her deep value to this world.

SHE knows that nothing can be gained by her vengeance but only by her love. SHE opens her arms wide to the ones that have hurt her, and invite them in to heal in her embrace because SHE knows that this is the only way to heal humanity. She calls her wounded brother with her soft and loving voice: “Come, my brother, let’s reunite in heaven. Rest with me for a while.”

SHE knows you are weary.
SHE knows you are scared.
SHE knows that you to have suffered from a world gone mad. That all your apparent wrongdoings was born from the pain of separation and that only love can heal this wound.

SHE knows that it will take courage for you to hear and answer her calling, brother. For you have learnt to mistake her love for pain, guilt and vengeance on the battlefield of egoic love. But her heart is true. It is true to you, ture to the union in God, true to truth and uncodittional love.

“Come, my brother, in God we trust. And what God has joined, may no man break apart”

– Ingunn Tennbakk